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Dennis Gerber has specialized in the art of cinematography and photography for more than 25 years.

Dennis has received 5 Emmys and over 50 other awards for his work.



Dennis as a news cameraman for WFAA-TV ABC
in Dallas, TX - 1980.

Shooting for the TV show "COPS".

Dennis shooting for "Candid Camera" - 1980.


Shooting a wildlife documentary in Tanzania - 1995.

While shooting a wildlife documentary in Tanzania,
a professional hunter drops a wounded cape buffalo
several feet in front of Wildman's rolling camera!

Shooting for French TV Canal Plus at the
great pyramids in Cairo, Egypt - 1980.


Dennis with the "Smile" rocket
with 2 video cameras attached.

"Smile" rocket launch.

On board shot.


Dennis with UAV before launch.

Dennis working on the nose camera in a UAV.

The UAV in flight showing camera turret.


SkyCamera's Dennis preparing to shoot
the Anaheim Hilton in LA.

Dennis preparing for the Church view shoot
in San Diego.

Inverted Heli


Spaceship One taking off from Mojave, CA.
The first tima a civilian ever went to space.

Darren flying the video camera mount test.

Flying video camera.

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