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SkyCamera offers unique, low-altitude aerial still images and high-definition cinematography, with both panoramic and close-up views. We combine the skills of a professional photographer and experienced radio-control pilot with the latest camera and unmanned air vehicle (UAV) equipment, for all your aerial photography needs.

SkyCamera San Diego - Dennis Gerber

Dennis Gerber
Director of Photography

Emmy Award-winner Dennis Gerber has specialized in the art of cinematography and photography for more than 25 years. After leaving the USAF in 1976, he began work as a news still photographer in Corpus Christi, Texas. He then worked as a TV news photographer/editor at KIII-TV in Corpus Christi, WSB-TV in Atlanta, WFAA-TV ABC in Dallas, WTVJ-TV in Miami, and finally NBC Network News, Miami. Dennis then formed Video International Productions and shot many entertainment shows in Hollywood, travel shows, wildlife documentaries in Africa, COPS, and numerous others. Dennis started building larger model rockets, equipped them with video cameras, and broke several world altitude records. After 20 years as a Director of Photography in Hollywood, Dennis moved to San Diego, where he has worked as a mechanical engineer/ cameraman, building missiles and capturing missile launches in still and video formats. Dennis formed SkyCamera San Diego with Allan Wegner in May 2007.

SkyCamera San Diego - Darren Hauptman

Darren Hauptman
SkyCamera radio control pilot

Darren is a crew chief on a U.S. Navy search and rescue helicopter and an expert rescue swimmer. An experienced and skilled radio-control helicopter pilot, Darren is able to maneuver the aircraft to the perfect shot location while Dennis monitors the view.

Unmanned Remote Control Helicopters

  • Spun off from military unmanned air vehicle (UAV) programs
  • Small-scale helicopter with LiPo batteries and electric brushless motor
  • Quieter, quicker, and more agile than older gas-powered model helicopters
  • No minimum altitude restrictions
  • Capable of maneuvering in confined areas
  • Stabilization system and hovering capability at 20'- 400'

Camera Equipment

  • Nikon D40X, 10.2 megapixel high-resolution camera achieves superior quality images
  • High-definition (HD) with Canon HV20 1080P high-resolution video
  • Real-time video downlink lets ground personnel monitor and direct camera position
  • Seamless 360-degree, easily cropped images available
  • Immediate-use digital file availability

New York Life building, La Jolla, CA

Ground view












Aerial view












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